Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You've Been Elfed!

I've been in love with the "You've Been Elfed" tradition ever since I learned of it. I've been promising myself that I was going to start "elfing" in my neighborhood for years and this year, I finally did it! I bought some cute little goodies at the store and a inexpensive Christmas stocking to put them in. I jump-started the neighborhood "elfing" by doing 4 elf gifts for neighbors in different sections of our neighborhood. I planned on starting earlier in December, but only got the stockings delivered very very late on Sunday night. I hope the recipients enjoyed their surprise and I hope they pass on the joy that comes from "elfing" your neighbor. I think it's a fun neighborhood tradition that will be exciting for both kids and adults.
Here's more information on about the You've Been Elfed tradition.

Happy Elfing Everyone!

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