Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Love Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting Christmas cards in the mail. I very excitedly look forward to getting the mail every day to see what cards we received. I love looking at the photo cards to see how everyone has changed since last year and I love, love, love reading Christmas letters, poems and notes. Some catch me up, some make me laugh, some absolutely crack me up, some make me cry and some just make me shake my head. No matter what the response though, I love reading them all. With that said, I've only done my part in entertaining others by writing a letter just once a few years ago. This year things just got too hectic (as always) and it seemed too late to craft a letter. I promise I'll do one next year though! (Please remind me in November!)

For the last several years I've taped all the cards we receive up on the dining room windows so I can look at them through the holiday season. I figure, I enjoy the cards so much, why would I just simply throw them in a basket so I can't see them. I want them to be part of my holiday decorating. I truly enjoy looking up at the cards as we sit a tthe dining room table. This year I discovered that there is someone else in our household that enjoys the Christmas cards even more than I do. Little Miss Stella LOVES looking at the cards. She especially likes the photo cards and particularly focuses on cards with babies and small children. She gazes up and studies the cards and always notices when I add more to the mix. It's so fun to watch her admiring all the beautiful cards and sharing in one of her Mom's favorite traditions.
How do you display your Christmas cards?

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