Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharing Easter Traditions

I've been hosting the family Easter lunch at my house for the last several years. I love having the family and all the kids around to celebrate such a fun holiday. It's the perfect time for a celebration. The weather is finally getting warmer and there's a feeling of excitement as the days are getting longer and the grass is finally greening up after a long winter. Even more importantly, the kids are excited for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. I love to decorate the house and get it prepared for the family to visit and even more, I love all  traditions that we've created over the last several years that make our celebration special. One of the traditions that we started is making, decorating and then finally eating bunny cakes. I bought a pan with six bunny-shaped molds perfect for making our individual bunny cakes. Whoever is around on the Saturday before Easter is usually in on making and decorating the bunny cakes that we then serve for Easter dessert. It's a big job, but a lot of fun!
Another tradition that we have is the family Easter egg hunt. It's so much fun to watch all the kids run around the yard looking for eggs. We have eggs hidden in all sorts of places. For the wee little ones, we simply throw the eggs in the middle of the lawn and watch them crawl through the grass. For the bigger kids, we get more creative with our hiding places. (The kids usually participate in one of the local Easter egg hunts on Saturday too!) We always make a visit to one of the area malls to get the kids' pictures taken with the Easter Bunny and this year we also added an Easter bonnet to the mix. This year only the three littlest girls had Easter bonnets, but I think all the girls (of any age) need to wear a bonnet next year.